About Me

Welcome! I'm Taylor, but most of my friends just call me Rail. I've been a software developer for over 15 years, but just recently began my journey into game development which has been a gratifying experience.

The genesis of my journey into game development began early one Thanksgiving morning, when Ducky, Jazz, and I were playing a variant of Hearts that involved taking drinks when you get points. After a few unforgiving rounds, Ducky looked at me and paused before slurring the words, "I think I have Snaids." We soon discovered that Snaids was a fictitious disease called Snake Aids.

In that moment, the gears started turning in my head, and I began devising a card game where each Jack in a deck of cards represented a progression of the Snaids virus. The symptom of the virus was that players drank at the start of their turns. What started as a hilarious moment slowly evolved into the online drinking game we all know and play today - Snaids.

Perhaps it was fate, but around the same time I grew frustrated by the lack of variety in online drinking games, it turned out one of our favorite sites to play games was shutting down due to a lack of funding. It felt like the perfect opportunity for me to broaden my game development experience, while also ensuring my routine of Friday night drinking wouldn't be disrupted.

For months, I worked hard recreating our favorite drinking games from the soon-to-be-defunct site, creating polished visuals which were a significant improvement over their HTML counterparts, addressing balance and quality of life issues, and fixing some long-standing bugs that had been ignored.

Once I had developed a small catalog, I reached out to the owner of Drink Virtually and offered to carry on its legacy. I am grateful to say that they agreed, and for that reason, you are reading this message today.

I have plans for future projects that I hope to develop and release throughout the year, but I am also open to suggestions. If you have any ideas for games you would like to see, or any feedback on the games that are currently available, please feel free to reach out to me at drink-v@proton.me.

If you happen to see any of my friends or me around on Discord, we'd love for you to host a few rounds! We hope you enjoy yourselves as much as we have. Thanks for stopping by!

Special Thanks

I wouldn't be where I am today without the support and motivation of my friends. I am grateful for their willingness to test and provide feedback on my games, as well as their unwavering encouragement to continue pursuing my passion. To my friends - thank you for everything.