Choose a virtual drinking game, setup a virtual hangout or happy hour, and drink with your friends!

Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime,, (and others) all work great. We recommend that 1 person shares their screen and drives the game.

Need Music?

Unfortunately, our virtual doors will be closing on March 20th, 2023 unless we can raise enough money to cover our hosting costs. If you don't want the fun to end, please use the 'Tip the Dealer' button below or Venmo @DrinkVirtually. Thanks for your continued support! - DV Crew

Ride the Bus

If you have not played this before, you should play it now. Ride the Bus is a multi-round card game where you guess things each round. At the end, hopefully you do not end up riding the bus...

2-10 Drinkers


Classic card drinking game where each card has a rule. Each player flips a card and performs the rule. Great for large groups.

2+ Drinkers

Power Hour

60 drinks in 60 minutes. Grab your favorite drink, pick your music, optionally enter a list of Drinkers, share your screen, and hit start for an hour of fun!

1+ Drinkers


This game has nothing to do with Wombats, but its a really good game (we're not bias we swear). Great for medium to large groups. Something will pop up telling a player, a few players, a group of players, or all players to do something or to take a drink. Pretty much be ready for anything, and check back often as new things are being added. The Guy really used his creative juices on this one. You will not be dissapointed.

3+ Drinkers

F*** the Dealer

In typical casino fashion its the players vs. The Dealer, however in this case the odds are stacked against The Dealer. Each player has up to 3 guesses (suit, value, and higher or lower). If the player guesses correctly on any of these their turn is over, The Dealer drinks, and we move to the next player. If the player guesses incorrectly they drink and continue to their next guess. The amount of drinks gets higher with each incorrect guess. If you guess incorrect on all 3 guesses, you become The Dealer. You do not want to be The Dealer.

2+ Drinkers

Red or Black

That end of the night kind of game. Good for large groups with small attention spans. Just guess if the next card is going to be Red or Black. Drink if you are wrong. Give a drink if you are right.

2+ Drinkers

The Race

A custom virtual drinking game for these nights without sports. Pick a racer, cheer for them, hope they win. Drink if you picked a loser.

1+ Drinkers

Higher or Lower

Easy game that can escalate quickly. Just guess if the next card is going to be Higher or Lower than the current card. Wager an amount of drinks based on how confident you feel. Drink that many drinks if you are wrong. Give that many drinks if you are right.

2+ Drinkers